At the forefront of the entertainment industry lies the prestigious Mayfair A-List Group, a powerhouse team dedicated to elevating the careers of the world's most elite and sought-after celebrities, socialites, public figures, artist, and models.


    Led by a team of seasoned professionals with years of industry experience, Mayfair A-List Group is renowned for their exceptional level of service, unrivaled attention to detail, and unparalleled industry connections.


    Our team of agents is devoted to the development and growth of each client, providing customized and strategic guidance to enhance their careers in every way possible. With their wealth of experience and vast network of industry professionals, they offer unparalleled support in all aspects of their clients' careers.


    The Mayfair A-List Group has worked with some of the most recognizable and influential talent in the business and entertainment industry. We are known for their hands-on approach and exceptional reputation for nurturing the careers of our clients.

    Unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence have solidified our status as the top celebrity management agency in the world, making us the go-to destination for A-Listers seeking the best in the business.

  • What We Do


    At Mayfair A-List Group, we specialise in providing bespoke services to our elite clients. Our services are tailored to meet their every need and exceed their expectations.Our team of experienced professionals works tirelessly to provide our clients with an unrivaled level of service, including:



    1. Management & Public Relationships - Management is a crucial aspect of the entertainment industry, responsible for shaping the careers and public images of some of the most famous individuals in the world. It involves a variety of responsibilities, from negotiating contracts and managing finances to handling public relations and image management. In this essay, we will explore the components of management and the challenges they face in this dynamic industry. The focus shifts towards maintaining and improving the public image of the celebrity.


    2. Luxury transportation - Our fleet of high-end vehicles provides our clients with the utmost comfort and style while traveling.


    3. Exclusive accommodations - We secure the finest and most luxurious hotels and apartments worldwide to provide our clients with the best living experience.


    4. Personalized event planning - We create custom-tailored experiences for our clients, from private shopping trips to extravagant yacht parties, that cater to their unique preferences.


    5. VIP access - Our clients get exclusive access to the most exclusive events, private members clubs, and restaurants worldwide.


    6. Private security - We understand that our clients' safety is paramount, which is why we offer discreet private security services to ensure their protection at all times.